Eggertsville, NY Painters

Are you looking for a professional team to give your house the quality paint job you desire? We make sure that you will receive brand name equipment/tools, a responsible and trustworthy team, and no hidden fees.
Our services include:

Exterior Painting:

We work with all types of housing materials, including; intricate wood trim, shingles, aluminum, stucco, and much more. Our professional and qualified team can handle any painting job, no matter what your house is made of. We will also help you tackle the hardest part of all, choosing the color/s.

Interior Painting:

Big Buffalo House Painting team can paint any interior rooms or the entire house. Our professional workers know how to prepare each room for a fresh coat by removing wallpaper and applying primer. We will even inspect every room for any damage that could affect a perfect paint job. A professionally painted house increases its value, and our goal is to give the best quality to you and your home.

Commercial Painting:

Our team can not only handle residential painting but commercial painting as well. As business owners ourselves we understand the need for our buildings to look professional and clean. We have the experience, equipment, and tools to tackle large-scale jobs that commercial painting needs.

Benefits Of Working With A Profession House Painting Service

Painting may seem like a simple task you can complete yourself, whether it’s indoor or outdoor. We understand why you think that, but a lot more is involved in completing a paint job that you might not be aware of.
Here are three things to consider:


When taking on the task yourself your goal is to save money. In doing that you have to go buy the supplies, paint, and equipment. That will cost, and if your equipment breaks you will have to spend even more by purchasing new tools. You could save yourself time and money by hiring our team of professionals who already have all the equipment needed.


In painting high ceilings/walls ladders and equipment are needed. Our team has the experience to safely paint at any height so that you don’t have to put yourself at risk of injury.

Preparation and Clean Up:

At Big Buffalo House Painting we guarantee a proper preparation of surfaces and a thorough clean up. When you are finished with a large job of painting, the last thing you want to do is clean everything up. No worries, we are happy to do it for you.

Eggerstville Real Estate on the Rise

Whether you are moving into a new house or putting yours on the market, renovations are in order. Eggertsville is experiencing a rise in real estate, and with selling a house you need to make it look presentable for someone to buy. At Buffalo House Painting Serves we will come and make sure your house has the perfect paint job before you put it on the market. We’re based in Buffalo, NY roughly 8 miles south of Eggertsville, NY!